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Baby Shower Gifts

Source: ABC 7 News  “Finding a unique gift to bring to a baby shower can be difficult. Tracey Becker with the blog, did the shopping for you and found some new products that you might not have heard of that are helpful to mom and the newborn…”

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Source:  “Peekaru Hoodie: Like your favorite hoodie, made for two! The Peekaru Hoodie is cozy soft and fits over you and your baby, keeping you close and warm even as the temperature drops… “

Peekaru not Peek-a-boo

Source: An Opera Singer in the Kitchen  “Hello from mid-Michigan, where it is supposed to be covered with snow and dreary outside. Yes, like everywhere else, we have been lacking the mounds of snow we would already have by now…”

Our Nature “Hike”

Source: (never home) maker, baby! “It’s rare to get a semi-warm day in January around these parts. And by semi-warm, I mean above 20 degrees. So, we took full advantage — starting with a tour of the backyard and continuing on with a little walk around the neighborhood. “

Moms with Baby Carriers: Read This

Source: GoodyBlog  “Now that it seems like winter is really here in the Northeast, it seems like a good time to mention a product that crossed our desks. It’s called the Peekaru Original… ”

Winter Babywearing

Source: City Kids Homeschooling “With the January chill settling in, I wanted to find a winter babywearing solution that would help keep my one-year-old cozy and not too bulky in the Ergo… ”

Bundle up: Stylish cold weather gear for the whole family

Source: Kare 11 “Mommy blogger and founder of Melissa Saigh joined us with a number of fun and stylish ways your family can stay warm all winter long… ”

Christmas Countdown: TogetherBe Freehand Mei Tai

Source: Social Media Junkie “I’m a pretty petite person so I’m always having difficulty finding products that fit my size.  With a baby carrier, it’s important that Mom and baby are both comfortable or else no one is going to use it!… ”


Source: Babywearing International of Southern Idaho “Last year for the conference the Freehand family came and brought us one of their BRAND NEW soft structure carriers. I was absolutely intrigued by it, but was pregnant and had an uncooperative toddler. So I didn’t get to try it. Plus, everyone...

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